Can I get legal advice over the phone?

Typically, no.  Except for special circumstances where a client may live long distance and/or cannot physically come into the office,  it is required that an appointment be scheduled with an attorney to come in and visit about your concerns or issues.

How much time is allowed for a first-time office conference with an attorney?

Appointments are scheduled for one hour and that generally provides enough time to address any questions or concerns.

If I hire your firm, what will my case cost?

How complex the issues are and how agreeable or disagreeable the parties are determines how much time and work a case requires – which determines the ultimate cost of the case.

What are the required payment arrangements?

During an initial office conference with an attorney, and after the attorney has an understanding of the nature of the case, he will advise you as to the required “retainer” amount.   Work on your case begins after the retainer is paid and placed in the attorney’s trust account.  Additional deposits are sometimes required prior to a significant hearing and/or trial.  A Fee Agreement is signed by the client at the time the retainer is paid, which sets forth the financial terms of the arrangement.   Retainers are placed in the attorney’s trust account and used to pay the month to month fees and costs/expenses of the case.  If the cost of the case exceeds the retainer fee paid at the start of our involvement, it is the expectation that any unpaid fees will be brought current on a month to month basis.

Can you help me if my case is in another county, or in the state of Oregon?

We are not licensed to practice law in the state of Oregon.  Our heavy case load and the additional cost to the client limits our ability to travel outside of Cowlitz County.  This is reviewed on a case by case basis.